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Individual Tantra Session (BASIC)


90 minutes


“Tantra is a science of self realization, based on the cumulative wisdom of centuries of exploration into the meaning of life and consciousness.” 

Tantra says, accept whatsoever you are. You are a great mystery of many multidimensional energies. Accept it, and move with every energy with deep sensitivity, with awareness, with love, with understanding.

An Individual 120 minutes session is designed for Intermediate recipients , who have experienced our 90 minutes individual tantra before and know how to calm their mind through these mindful sessions.During our advance tantra session model we attempt to concentrate on your very own needs and issues.


Private sessions can sometimes be the best and most effective way to achieve one’s goal in an individual tempo, and acquire understanding and skills beyond the more public atmosphere of the group workshops

And, above all, to deal with attentiveness, physical closeness, a Tantric stance and breath, touch and massage techniques.

Among other advantages of our individual session are especially the possibility of choice of appointment and location.

Usually tantra sessions are hours long because practitioner work on all seven chakras of your body , but these day in busy life not all can spend hours on balancing their chakras hence we designed this 120 minutes session in which we work on 2 major chakras which is Throat chakra and Root chakra.

Root chakra

The root chakra, or Muladhara, is located at the base of your spine. It provides you with a base or foundation for life, and it helps you feel grounded and able to withstand challenges. Your root chakra is responsible for your sense of security and stability.

Throat chakra

The throat chakra, or Vishuddha, is located in your throat. This chakra has to do with our ability to communicate verbally.

A 120  Minutes individual session is a full body experience. Mindfully we will bring your root chakra's energy into flow through the lingam and yoni reflexology and distribute them through gentle touches in the whole body. We support you to keep your energy at a high level for a long time.

At the same time we  use intensive breathing with body movement. This breathing is accompanied by healing sounds to open and bring awareness to the body and mind. As we breathe deeply in Chakra, it helps you to connect your body and charge the Chakras with energy.

The primary goal of this tantra session is to let yourself go with us and get in touch with your deep feelings and bring the awareness to your body to Learn what it is like to relax in a state of excitement.

Benefits of Individual tantra session (Basic)

Health and healing:  By applying  specific methods, the tantra Techniques

teaches the body how to use the root chakras as a healing energy. It fasten the process of purification and cleansing . As a result many long-standing health issues can be treated and replaced with renewed health and vitality.

Sexual dysfunctions remedied: The individual tantra session  purifies the body, releases blockages, awakens the lower chakra energy, and expand this crucial energy throughout the body. As a result sexual dysfunctions can commonly be cured and sex lives can be considerably transformed.

Blockages eliminated: Blockages can happen from various sources and their origin is mostly unknown to the one who exhibits them. Because of this they should be untied in a carefully managed and mindful way. A proficient practitioner can sense blockages and apply precise methods for alleviating them harmoniously, leaving the guest with a sense of relief, contentment, and freedom.

Improves mental health: Mental health is firmly related to stress levels, which is why you can assassinate two birds with one arrow by trying tantric touch therapy . As we know, your brain can function perfectly when you are calm and don’t feel stressed.

By reducing stress, we boost our mental health and stop focusing on unnecessary things we have no control over. As tantric touch therapy exposes us to great pleasure, our mood boosts and cognitive functions start getting back to normal.

Consequently, when we’re happier, our brain is clear and we can make better decisions. Also, we perform better at work as we fully focus on every moment of the day.

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