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At The More Calm, We believe that if regular meditation is practiced everyone can live their life to the fullest without experiencing mental health issues. Therefore we bring to you The More Calm, A team that aims to break all the taboos of mental health and make mental health programs widely available at pan India level presently in all leading cities Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Vizag, and Agra


Mental Health has always been a taboo topic to discuss in our society. In spite of a global pandemic, economic crisis, multiple social challenges, spiking suicide rate and constantly increasing cardiovascular diseases. We fail to address our one and only driving force, our mental health that is why at The More Calm our aim is to make mental health a supper table discussion and normalise is as much as gifting chocolates and flowers to your loved ones


Furthermore, we believe that mental wellness is as important as physical health. It is important to keep a regular check on your mental health by meeting a certified practitioner and practising meditation and yoga. And Tantra Meditation is a science and art which uses life-force to balance, transform and harmonize the body’s energy processes. It is not about being gifted one with special powers to heal oneself. It’s a simple way of benefiting ourselves and our loved ones by learning how to channelise bodily energy not only for healing but also for harnessing the positive energies in and around us for our benefit and for the greater good.

Yoga Practice
Kundalini Yoga Breathing


To educate people about Tantra Meditation and Sensate Focus, and to give them the tools to get out of stress and take care of their mental health for the rest of their lives.

One in three people lives with depression. That’s more people than suffer from cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined..

Tantra Meditation will have a profound effect on the stress epidemic. Imagine if everyone knew how to prevent and relieve their own mental health issues. Medications and surgeries would be reserved for acute and unavoidable cases of injury and pain, and health care costs would go down.

Kundalini Yoga Outdoor Meditation

Our Founding Story

Half the world does not know how the other half lives. I Dipanshu Jain (Founder) being diagnosed with mental health issues and struggling with them for over a year , I was sinking even when I wanted to fly. I tried many medications but that did not work. Mental health burdens don't let you live freely.


I shared my concern with my friend Mayank Jain, Psychologist , Certified Somatics movement therapist and Co-Founder at The More Calm who had recently moved to India from Germany. A collective insight for us was the stigma linked with mental health and tantra therapy in our country, The expensive therapies and inaccessible mental wellness services as if it is a luxury that only rich can afford 


That discussion became our calling and took the form of surveys and research as the fire was put to the right use by another architect of our project, Seema Devi ( Co-Founder). A big gratitude hug to her for bringing this together and being a backbone of The More Calm

This is story of our small founding family that wishes to bring back positive energy to your life by flushing out all the negative energy we passionately believe that we can make mental health services widely accessible qualitative and affordable

Evolution of our ten years old friendship into entrepreneurship is fuelled by the desire to be an ally to you

Thank You For Trusting Us

Kundalini Yoga Outdoor Meditation
Studio Portrait

Urvashi Kapoor, Singer

A truly wonder full experience with the more calm team felt rejuvenated after ages

Male Student

Shashank Poonia, Manager

amazing session with team morecalm

Happy Man

Kartikeyn, Doctor 

unforgettable experience  

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